Upgraded Parts
Improve Parts Life by Upgrading Materials and Design

Upgrades - improved design and equipment performance - we take care to understand not only your equipment and its parts, but also the demands of your operating environment. Combined with analysis of component inspection and wear/failure mode, our experience enables us to make up-grade recommendations.

The opportunity to upgrade is now, don't put up with more of the same. Improve MTBF* and reduce life cycle cost of your plant and equipment. The members of our engineering team at PINNACLE-RE-TEC have extensive experience in this field and have upgraded parts for rotating machinery successfully for many blue chip clients.

  • Materials have made huge developments in recent years and modern materials resist harsh operating environments much better. These are some fit-for-purpose materials that have proven to increase component life considerably:
    • Stainless steels(Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic)
    • Duplex / Super Duplex
    • Nickel Alloys
  • Design changes offer the opportunity to deal with stress and vibration related failures or to improve performance in terms of pressure and/or volume. With 40 years' experience in this field we have come across or developed a best of breed solution to most problems. Our engineering team can transfer this to your application and will do the FMEA and other analysis to ensure the recommended solution will be effective.
  • Coatings offer a targeted solution to localised wear and tear issues. We have the expertise to recommend materials and processes such as HVOF coatings and PTA welding that will re-instate parts and/or improve durability effectively.

If you want to know how up-grades of spares can give your rotating equipment a modern lease of life, give us a call and arrange a presentation.

Increase impeller OD

Increase impeller OD to generate increased pressure

Increase impeller OD
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