Rotating Equipment Spare Parts
OEM Equivalent Replacement and Spare Parts

Like for like spare parts for all brands and types of pumps from simple bushes & sleeves to complex casings and impellers.

Direct replacement - any part - including obsolete equipment, on-time delivery, cut excessive prices, and eliminate your expensive in-house stock.

YOU GET: Alternative replacement parts for all your equipment - just out of warranty or long service life. You get like for like replacements of a part or assembly that has proved itself in action. Avoiding design changes eliminates the uncertainty about future performance and gives you the knowledge that the part will fit its intended purpose. Extensive product tests are not required; the part/pump performance is exactly as initially designed.


  • Our customers value the quality we provide, but they also value the lower price compared to the OEM and / or the faster delivery. The rule of thumb is that you can save average 25-30% overall in costs and 50% faster delivery.
  • The quality and durability are guaranteed the same or superior to OEM standard. Our parts are manufactured based on expert OEM know-how and our raw material and casting sources are used by the OEM alike.
  • Security of supply for the future, as you hold the patterns for your cast parts.

If you want to pay less for the same high quality, but don't want a cheap copy of the original, give us a call today to assess the savings potential of all your spares needs.

We manufacture all parts ourselves for pumps from following brands and more:


- originally from Sweden, part of Sulzer Pumps

Allen Gwynnes

- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion

Allis Chalmers

- GB & USA, part of ITT


- France, wide range of pumps for power generation and other applications.

Balke Durr

- Germany, Part of SPX


- Holland, Part of the Weir Group


- USA, part of Sulzer Pumps

Byron Jackson

- USA, part of Flowserve

DB Guinard Pumps

- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion

David Brown Pumps

- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion

Delaval Pumps

- USA, part of Siemens


- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion


- part of Flowserve


- Emile Egger & Cie SA, Switzerland


- part of Flowserve Corp.


- Part of Weir Group


- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion


- Part of ITT Corporation


- part of Thyssen Bornemisza Gruppe

Harland Pumps

- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion

Hayward Tyler

- part of Niche Engineering Group, Specialist Energy Group Plc

Ingersoll Dresser Pumps

- part of Flowserve


- Part of ITT Corporation


- part of Sulzer Pumps


- Germany (Klein, Schanzlin & Becker)


- part of Thyssen Bornemisza Gruppe

Mather & Platt

- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion

Pacific Pumps

- part of Flowserve

Peerless Pumps

- part of Grundfos A/S since 2007


- part of group Corporación EG (Mexico) since 1997

Sterling SIHI

- part of Thyssen Bornemisza Gruppe


- part of Flowserve

Sulzer Pumps

- part of Sulzer Switzerland


- Japan


- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion

United Centrifugal

- part of Flowserve


- Part of Weir Group

Weir Pumps

- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion

WH Allen

- Part of SPX/ClydeUnion


- part of Flowserve

(All of these are Trademarks and Tradenames of their prospective Corporations or owners. We do not imply that we make parts or distribute parts for these Corporations. We take no responsibility for the spelling and accuracy of other information on ownership.)

Replacement rotors

Replacement rotors

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