Pinnacle Guarantee
High Performance, long part life, short delivery times, fast engineering support and cost savings

We guarantee our customers that their trust in our capabilities is rewarded. This comes in 5 distinct steps:

  1. Pinnacle parts perform to the same efficiency as the original or sample part when it was new or as it was designed.
  2. Our materials and manufacturing know how ensures the longest possible part life to reduce the MTBF (mean time between failure) or your pumping equipment.
  3. The total focus on delivery minimises lead times to make sure that you get the part in the quickest time to get your plant up and running again.
  4. We will be on site to discuss performance issues and guarantee to participate pro-actively in any solution finding, including on-site work and our motto is "act first, negotiate later".
  5. Cost savings generated average between 50% and 25% compared to the OEM.

This is not just talk, our warranty ensures that we put our money where our mouth is! Ask our many repeat customers!

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Delves Lane Industrial Estate
Co. Durham
United Kingdom
Certification Number FM 517663
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