Parts Reclaim and Repair
Re-use Old Components to Avoid Costly Replacements and Excessive Delivery Times

Most components wear or break down eventually, but replacement often is not the only option. Depending on the nature of the wear/damage, we at PINNACLE RE-TEC can offer sound repair and reclamation solutions that could save you some money as well.

Part failures and damages such as:

  • Impeller, Casing Volute Erosion
  • Seal Sleeve Wear
  • Bearing/Seal Journal & Housing Wear

are caused by common factors such as friction, corrosion, erosion, chemical attack, poor original component design or incorrect material selection. At PINNACLE RE-TEC we have a team of surface design and engineering specialists with a very wide range of experience of repair and reclamation techniques.

In three steps, PINNACLE RE-TEC will be able to provide a solution

  1. Site visit including process data collection.
  2. Component inspection and wear/failure mode investigation.
  3. Recommend engineered solutions and facilitate its execution.

If you want to know if you can reduce downtime and fix instead of replace parts, call us today and arrange a meeting with our engineering team.

Casing repair

Casing repair

Casing repair
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