Obsolete Parts and Pumps
Support of Aged, Out-of-Production and Unsupported Pumps

Aged industrial plant and equipment can perform very well and is trusted by the operators. However, according to customer feedback, trying to get spares support often results in long lead times or no support at all at usually very high costs.

PINNACLE RE-TEC offers the solution to this problem. Based on state of the art engineering processes, we produce high quality spare parts for obsolete rotating equipment to the very highest standards. We re-engineer the parts from worn samples back to the original design or alternatively, re-engineer them to provide improved performance and reliability, tailored to your operational needs and conditions.

The continued use of old equipment not only saves money but is also environmentally sensible. Given that we can reinstate the efficiency of the equipment, valuable resources can be preserved that would otherwise be wasted on sub-optimal operating performance or in producing new equipment. This collateral benefit should not be disregarded in the context of corporate responsibility.

Avoid unnecessary capital expenditure, extended plant life and preserve the proven plant balance, improve the plant efficiency, call us today!

Obsolete impellers and reverse engineered spares

Obsolete impellers and reverse engineered spares

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