Commercial Benefits
Commercial Benefits

Cost savings: how PINNACLE RE-TEC can get the most out of your budget.

Your budget for equipment maintenance and repair cost is very likely to be under pressure and you will face the hard task of achieving savings while maintaining availability of the plant. With years of experience in this market we have seen many customers attempt this and the single most successful model is to split the responsibility for service and for parts.

  • Most customers hand over the complete service responsibility to internal or external service provider.
  • The usual split of repair cost is 25% labour and 75% parts/material. i.e., the largest savings are in spare parts.
  • Service provider typically has no incentive to look for alternative parts: the cheaper the part, the less they earn. Internal service provider usually lacks incentive as well.

Take charge of it yourself, don't leave it to the service provider. We will help you assess the potential of this hidden treasure, easy as 1 2 3:

  1. Deploy free-issue spare parts policy with service provider
  2. Assess high spend items (value and volume) first
  3. Pinnacle RE-Tec will collect the relevant data to quote for alternative supply

Collateral advantages: besides significant savings in cost, we frequently receive feedback on the additional advantages

  • Shorter and reliable delivery times
  • Less stock carried - due to shorter deliveries
  • Reduction of suppliers
  • Keep your trusted service provider on board

We would be delighted to make an appointment and demonstrate how we propose to make your budget stretch a lot further.

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